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Ivy Hope Emrei, a short innocent looking girl yet the complete oposite. Ivy has long straight black hair which ends down near her waist, petite but with some curves, Always in fashionable outfits and expensive jewellery. The only time you'll see Ivy being careless is around her friends but as soon as she sees someone new she'll instantly be acting like a posh snob again. Ivy's family is a long line of purebloods therefore she grew up with the beliefs of muggleborns being unworthy of her time was right, but once Ivy got to hogwarts her opinions changed but still believes purebloods hold more power and will continuously insult the muggle borns by calling them mudbloods the moment they slightly annoy her. It was no surprise Ivy was placed into slytherin the moment the hat glowered over her head, not one person in her family in centuries has been placed in any house but slytherin, not to mention Ivy's sarcastic tone or her snake like grin when she gets revenge. Ivy is very cunning and quite selfish at times but will always have love for her close friends and family, She refuses to admit but loves quidditch but only gets to play at school due to her familys strong beliefs, Shes great at potions and dada but believes divination is just a load of bullshit but quite enjoys the classes. She wants to become a Mediwitch once she finishes school but also wants to work in the ministry somehow but her family would never approve. Ivy craves power but not to the extent of the dark lord.
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