Loki of Asgard


Who in the world is this 'Draco' everyone is telling me about? Seriously, who does he think he is against a God like me. He's nothing. I'll let him know that...

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I am Loki, of Asgard. I am burdened with glorious purpose. You've probably heard this before. Wouldn't be awfully surprised if you have. This whole thing is so odd you know... I guessed from that start that I'd be in Slytherin but I never guessed that I would one day find myself so overpowered by boredom that I would actually bother to attend such a place. I mean come on, they call this stuff magic. Waving a stick around to make things fly away? I am a god who possesses not only these silly little tricks but so much more. One more thing, as long as you're not going to ask about my brother, feel free to message me any time. Might as well meet some new people while I'm here. Might be a complete waste of time, who knows? I bet Strange does, he knows bloody everything...

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