Delilah Greengrass

Student; aspiring healer

First year slitherin! If you follow, I will follow bac "it takes 10x longer to put yourself back together then it does to fall apart" - Finnick Odair

  • Joined November 2020
  • Member of Slytherin
  • 126 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United States


(First year) When I received my letter, I absolutely did not want to attend, or even accept the fact I had gotten a letter at all. Being the youngest out of a house of "superb" wizards (youngest out of 4 of them, meaning I have 4 older brothers), I wanted a different fate. I thought I was going to be the one to live a normal life. Guess not. The letter arrived and all of my brothers were beaming. They just knew I was going to excel in Magic History like they all did. Turns out, that is not my thing. I don't want to learn and recite like they did, I want to do and show. after weeks of convincing and begging for me to attend, I finally accepted and enrolled in defense against the dark arts, and potions. Nothing to big for my first year as I'm still considering. My dad is a muggle while my mom is a witch, and is sure I will love it here just like her. My dad encouraged me to go as i'm the only girl, and I will have a different experience from all of my brothers. Let's hope they're all right!

Personal Details: November 9, Scorpio, youngest of four (four older brothers), half-blood, first year, slytherin

Appearance: long, curly blonde hair, Green eyes, 5’4, lean with long legs

Likes: dancing, anything sour, trying new things, theatre, sewing, hufflepuffs, friends/family, halloween, (more to be discovered)

Dislikes: laziness, not being busy, cheaters, ignorant muggles (but who does like those?), toxic people, (more to be discovered)

Amorentia: wet soil, vanilla, peppermint, fresh books

wand: 11.5 inches, black, vinewood, thestral tail hair core, sort of stiff

Classes enrolled in: Defense Against the Dark Arts, Potions, Herboligy, highly considering charms

Future magical job: healer, something where I can help

Patronus: Black Mamba
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