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||Esme and Danny don't want profiles, but are both bi and single||Everyone but Venus and Rose are poly The max for the rest of them is 3||

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~ Nico ~

Nico West. He/Him/They/Them. Bisexual. Idrk. 17. Going to become a CSI.

~ Aidan ~

Aidan Hitchens. Straight. Married. 18. Wants to be a movie director.

~ Ella ~

Ella Miller. Bisexual. Single. 18. Wants to be a waitress.

~ Evan ~

Evan Lewis. Bisexual. Single. 16. Wants to be a detective.

~ Leo ~

Leo Lopez. Homosexual. Single. 18. Wants to be sheriff. Is a little sometimes.

~ Eve ~

Eve Lewis. Straight. Single. 16. Wants to be an actress.

~ Luke ~

Luke Lopez. Pansexual. Maybe just maybe. 18. Wants to be a pilot.

~ Rose ~

Rose Jackson. Straight. .... 15. Doesn't know what she wants to be.

~ Max ~

Max Jackson. Bisexual. He's my baby boy <3. 19. Wants to be a chemist.

~ Asher ~

Asher King. Bisexual. He's mine <3. 20. Wants to be an engineer. Has a 4 year old daughter, Hannah.

~ Venus ~

Venus Collins. Questioning. Single. 17. Wants to be a make-up artist.

~ Dex ~

Dexter Ross. Straight. Single. 18. Wants to be a graphic designer.

~ Izzy ~

Isla Ross. Homosexual. Single. 15. Doesn't know what she wants to be.

~ Fal ~

Fallon Black. Bisexual (Male lean). My heart was stolen and I don't want it back <3. 19. Wants be a lawyer.

~ Angel ~

Angel Price. Homosexual. Single. 21. Is a chef.

~ Tess ~

Tessa Adams. As straight as a circle. Single. 19. Wants to be an Avenger (Kidding, wants to be a fashion designer.).








Please no chain mail or advertising unless we say so.


If we're roleplaying romance, please don't call us baby or some shit if we're not actually together.


We do any type of roleplay.


No bullying, racism, homophobic, transphobic, etc.


Please have good punctuation and capitalisation.


No asterisks (*).


2-3 sentence reply so I can keep the roleplay going.

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