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I do hogwarts and teen wolf rp! :)
my Oc for Teenwolf:
( full name)
Allisa Hale

Ally, Lisa, Little Hale
Allisa doesn't like people using nicknames with her unless you are very close with them, especially the last one as her mother used to call her, and she doesn't want to think about the death off her

(date of birth & age)
she is born on 18st off april, so an Aries, she is also 16 years old as off now

(gender & sexuality)
she is a cis woman and identifies as one. She is bisexual with a leaning towards womand but its really close to each other. Its like 57% woman and 43%% men

(hair color)
really dark brown it almost looks black

( eye color)
an oceaan blue

she has pretty long hair that reaches over her shoulders, she is 5 feet 9 inches

dark accedemia, and wears dresses but those are always black

(tattoo (s) / piercing (s)
she recently got a piercing in er nose but no tattoo

Allissa is very protective over her familie, she has huge trust issues so when you first meet her she might come over as a cold person. She is smart with her brain but not with technology, she isn't the biggest fan off it. She is very loyal to her family and really close friends and she is very ambitous. Her motivation through life is that she got to live but a big part off her family didn't, she is living for them. She is a very strong person both pschycally and emotionally.

( type off supernatural)
a beta werewolf

reading, running, jogging, training with her brother, writing, black coffee.

the argent family, fire, people who feel the need to have pity for her

( education)
she went to kindergarten when she was very young in beacon hills but then the fire came around and she had to run, when she was on the run she had online school. Not long ago she felt a sudden rush to come back and there she met up with her brother, this year is going to be her sophomore year at beacon hills as a transfer student.

brother: Derek hale
she thinks the rest is dead

friends: no one
enemies: kate, crhiss, gerargd

My OC for hogwarts you can ask me as it can sometimes depends on who I rp with :)
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