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I’m in slytherin, because of my parents both being slytherin. I was a hatstall so yes it took along time to decide. I took defense against the dark arts, charms, care of magical creatures, transfiguration, history of magic, Astronomy , and potions. I liked astronomy the best. I didn’t like charms. I did well in potions, though it wasn’t my favorite. I’m a pureblood witch. Being a pureblood doesn’t affect me at all in the wizarding world. I was in the UK when you-know-who showed up, it changed a lot actually. It was way darker and sadder than usual. My greatest strength is probably my smartness. I’m not saying my greatest weakness. I haven’t really thought about what I’m going to do when I finish school, it really depends on what happens.I would like to use magic to help others and further my own ends. Well, if I’m being honest with myself I want strength, and power, (hopefully that doesn’t sound too selfish) I have a black cat. His name is midnight, and he’s really calm but can be crazy at times, and he really enjoys being cuddled. My family are all witches and wizards, wealthy, purebloods. I never met my mom and dad so I live with my aunt, my mom and dad were both death eaters and so were my grandparents.

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