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What Hogwarts House were you sorted into, and why did the Sorting Hat make that selection?

I was sorted into Gryffindor, like the rest of my family. I assume the Sorting Hat made this decision because I am quite brave, if a bit stupid, but also a very loyal friend.

Were you a hatstall (where it took the Sorting Hat a long time to decide) or was the decision immediate?

It was over in less than a second, honestly. The hat barely skimmed my head before it shouted out 'Gryffindor!'.

What classes do (or did) you like the most?

I like all my classes! I find them fun and quite frankly I enjoy studying.

Which did you like the least?

Possibly the Study of Ancient Runes class, as I struggle to properly grasp the concept at times.

Any classes you did well in but didn’t particularly enjoy?

Not particularly. All the lessons I take I'm quite good at, but I also enjoy them all.

Are you a muggleborn, a half-blood or pureblood?

I'm a pureblood, but I don't think I'm any better then any muggleborn or half-blood, and I don't think that wizards and witches are any better than muggles, so I guess that counts me as a blood traitor?

How has your blood status affected your life in the Wizarding World?

I feel that I'm treated better by certain people compared to my friends who are half-blood or muggleborn.

If you were in the UK during either time He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named rose to power, what was that like?

When he first came to power, before Harry defeated him as a child, my parents had just finished their education at Hogwarts, and when I ask them about it they say that it was the worst time of their lives.

What is your greatest strength?

Probably that I always get things done quickly, and I can be very studious.

More importantly, what is your greatest weakness?

I can be incredibly stubborn, and will continue to argue with someone even if I know they're right just because I can't handle being in the wrong.

What are you looking to do after you finish school?

Most likely work at the Ministry, but my dream is to become a Hogwarts professor and teach Charms, or History of Magic.

If you’ve graduated, have you found your dream job?

I haven't graduated yet, but I hope I do get my dream job.

What do you feel is the most fascinating aspect of magic?

I believe that it is the magic inside of us and the magic that we incorporate into our surroundings that differentiates us and muggles, and shows how we can adapt and change to possibly dangerous issues, such as the muggles finding out about magic.

Do you want to use magic to help others, or to further your own ends?

I would like both, because I'd like to share good things with other people but also take care of myself at the same time and look after myself as well as others.

If you are being honest with yourself, what do you really want?

I want a lot of things but probably a long and content life in which I have a loving partner, possibly a child and/or pets, and amazing friends.

Do you have any pets?

I have a cat called Vivian, who is three years old.

What’s their name, and how do they act?

Her name is Vivian, and she is quite a lazy cat. She sleeps for most of the day, but when she is awake she is always ready to go and very playful. We have a strong bond.

Is there anything interesting about your family?

Not really, but my family was completely a muggle family, until about four generations ago, and ever since then we've all been witches or wizards.

Any oddities or disagreements?

Not particularly.
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