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My name is Ceciley Riddle. I was raised in a muggle family by my "mum" and "dad". They loved me and i loved them back. It turned out they aren't my real parents but I can still pretend. My childhood wasn't eventful. You could say it was pretty normal to some extend. I had and older sister, Mia. She wasn't much older, only by a few month. My parents always preferred her. My parents would go out to restaurants with her, leaving me at home. I spent most of my time in my bedroom, when I wasn't at school. I didn't have any friends at the time, so I would role up in a ball and read absolutely anything I could get my hands on, from dictionaries to to back of cereals packages (not that we ever had any). being alone in my room, I also put all my concentration into my studies at school. I always got As. My sister, on the other hand, had mostly Bs and Cs, with the extremely rare A, but she always got the congratulations from my parents.

My life took a turn, one evening in my bedroom, while I was studying for my lesson the next day. My window was wide open. I always loved the night, the stars and the moon! I feel some sort connection with them! Anyways, suddenly an owl came swooping in and dropped a letter on my books and then left. I was so surprised! I read the letter and one thing led to another and I came to Hogwarts. I never talk to my "parents", who take me as an outsider, they ignore and pretend they don't know. I learnt that my real parents have disappeared for many years and there location is unknown. I might go and live with my uncle, who is also a wizard like I am a witch. I have decided to set of on. mission to find my parents while I am at Hogwarts. I have a good feeling about being here at Hogwarts!

~Ceciley Riddle~
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