Hey, my name is Ayla! Feel free to chat, meet you in the corridors!

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 Hey, I'm a Hufflepuff, the sorting hat put me in this house because I have a lot of dedication  and loyalty, altrough i could easily go to Slytherin because of my ambition and leadership. I love herbology and spells a lot, I think they are my favorite classes! I confess that I am not very attached to transfiguration, but I try to be! I'm half blood, it's kind of weird because no one in my family alive was at hogwarts, but my great-grandmother was very well known! So I'm like Harry Potter but with a sleeping lineage. My grandmother used to say that her mother went through many things, for example, she saw who cannot be named to be born, grow up and become all that he became, the reason she was so close of him, we don't kown. I always felt a passion for poison and my powers are greater in divination, ground working and others, I was never good at body battles, but my grandmother tried to teach me and I did everything wrong! I intend to attend a Muggle college of ground spells, or chemistry, as muggles says, and then join a witch company focused on the effects of poisons and discover new ways of using the muggle and witch magic together! I have my cat, Dolly, he is a very docile and intuitive cat! I've found many ghosts at home because of him! My family is very complicated, they didn't believe in magic until my grandmother wrote me in hogwarts and was accepted and my family freaked out, as I was part of a family of inactive wizards, it was very difficult for director Oshiro to find me, so it took me a long time to come to hogwarts.

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