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<summary>About Me</summary>
NAME: Daisy Riddle</details><details>MIDDLE NAME: Margarita</details><details>FATHER: Tom Riddle</details><details>MOTHER: Bellatrix Lestrange</details><details>BLOOD TYPE: Pureblood</details><details>HEIGHT: 5’6</details><details>AGE: 16 (changes for RP)</details><details>EYE COLOR: Dark blue</details><details>HAIR COLOR: Brunnete</details><details>SKIN TONE: Light</details><details>BODY: Hourglass</details><details>ACCESSORIES: a snake-shaped ring with emerald mini diamonds</details><details>PATRONUS/ANIMANGUS: Dragon</details><details>PET: Cat (Calypso)</details><details>WAND: 13" Elder Wood, Dragon Heartstring My wizarding wand is 13 inches long, made from elder wood with a dragon heartstring core. The wood used to make this wand is given to those with natural-born talent. The wand core is the most powerful of them all and is capable of casting some of the most advanced spells.</details><details>FAMILY SIBLINGS: Elena Riddle Malfoy</details><details>RELATIVES: Jade Malfoy(niece), Amber Malfoy(niece)</details><details>BUBS: Ariel Malfoy, Ella Rosier, Amelie Abbott Longbottom PETS: Crup(Wendall)</details><details>RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Single</details><details>SECRET TALENTS:  Potions and Defence Against Dark Arts lover, Quidditch</details><details>ABILITIES: Flexibility, Photographic And Eidetic Memory</details>~~~~~~<details>
PERSONALITY: Daisy is the definition of danger. She has a very difficult persona she likes seeing her enemies in pain. She isnt afraid to hurt anyone and anywhere you can really understand how much she enjoys it. She is known for leaving students seriously hurt with no emotions. Daisy is undefeated - nobody has ever won a fight against her except her parents. Under her strong epidermis, she is breakable like everyone else. Also, she is very athletic and likes spending time working out especially when she is with friends. {Moreover, she is very friendly to those who she likes!!!} </details><details>HISTORY: Daisy grew up in a cruel household. She always had to be around dark magic and moreover be perfect at everything they told her to do. When she did something wrong, her punishment was having to be hurt by her own parents. If she failed, the secondary punishment was a bunch of hard spells getting used on her until she could do right her task they told her at first. With that being said any student who got her attention for something bad always ended up harmed mentally and physically. The only person she didnt touch (besides professors because of respect) was her cousins and her close friend group. By the way, YES, she is relative with the Malfoy family as you see they grow up together.</details><details>
1)I'm stating that I'm not online as often as others.So, please do not bug me about it, I will reply to you when I can! 2)I prefer a long-term roleplay so if you can please write at least 2 sentences! 3)Please have proper grammar and spelling![I'm not bothered either way] 4)Be comfortable and let me know if you have triggers![I'm okay with things like alcohol consumption, cursing, violence, abuse, and so on.] 5)Fandoms: Harry Potter and Twilight mainly!</details><details></details>
~~~~~ ~~~~~~ Thank you for visiting my page! Daisy Lestrange Riddle ® ║▌║█║▌│║▌║▌█║▌║█║▌│║▌║▌█ Approved by Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft & Wizardry!


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