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What's life without a little risk? You'll never feel more alive than when you are walking on the edge of death

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My name is Anthia Black I am the daughter of Fallon and Sirius Black, though I didn't always know that nor was it always safe for me to say that. I grew up under the name of Anthia Strong for I was raised by my mother and Lucas Strong who I grew up believing was my father. He was a very kind man and very affectionate to my mother and myself and my mother was kind to him as well, but she was never as happy around him as she was when she told me about a man named Sirius Black, he was a prisoner in Azkaban for murder but my mother always told me that he was innocent and that I must never listen to anything bad people say about him. I could tell she loved him very much, she talked about him everyday, always the same things though and when I asked questions the subject would be changed. I began to notice that I didn't look anything like Lucas and I had features that were my mothers but I didn't completely resemble her, it was only when I found a picture of Sirius in my mothers wardrobe that I saw a large resemblance between us. I confronted my mother about it but she seemed too stunned to even know what to say to me. Before I could get an answer my uncle Felix came to get me, he is a werewolf hunter and he took me daily to teach me what he knows. Now when I say "hunter" what I mean is that we search for werewolves and try to help them, My uncle had a friend named Remus who was a werewolf and wanted more than anything to not be. So we tried to help the werewolves that would accept it and the ones that didn't were turned into the Ministry of Magic. When I got back home something was wrong, the door was hanging off its hinges and all the lights were out Felix told me to stay out but before he could stop me I ran inside to find a death eater standing over my parents bodies, he disappeared before I could fight him which I was about to do. I was 11 years old. My uncle took me in after that, I hunted werewolves with him until I went to Hogwarts. I was sorted into Gryffindor house where I met the twins George and Fred Weasley who became my best friends the three of us had a certain talent for mischief. Years later I was reading the Daily Prophet when I saw that Sirius Black escaped! I realized that Harry was interested in Sirius too so I stayed especially close to him that year and a good thing I did because I finally met Sirius in the Shrieking Shack. I already knew who he was but when he saw me and heard my name he seemed stunned he turned to Remus and they spoke for a moment while looking at me, I knew then I had to talk to him. I went to the tower where Sirius was being kept and confronted him. I asked him how he knew my mother, and who I was to him. He told me that my mother Fallon was his wife and that I was his daughter. "You were born and it was the peak moment of my life" he told me "I had three wonderful years with you but then I was framed for killing my best friends." he paused and grimaced then sighed and continued "I knew that you and your mother would be in danger just for the fact that I loved you both more than anything, so I asked a friend of ours Lucas Strong to take the two of you in and raise you as his own for protection. When your mother was killed my cousin Bellatrix whom was placed in a cell shouting distance from mine made sure I knew it. that news was more torture than anything the dementors could have done to me. But the only thing that kept me sane was knowing you were safe." Those words have always stayed with me as if he said them moments ago.
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