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I was sorted into Slytherin. I think sorting hat made that decision because of my smartness. I am also very hardworking and won't stop until I make everything how I want it to be. The sorting hat made the decision very fast. My favorite class is poisons. I find it very interesting and I think i am good at it. And my least favorite class is defense against the dark arts. It is very hard, but I am trying my best at it. The class im doing well in is history of magic, but I find it a bit boring. I am pureblood. And it affected really good, because people love me. For example, if I I were halfblooded, people would talk about me behind my back or even hate me. They would think I don't deserve to be a wizard. I think my greatest strength is my smartness. I can make a good decision, that will help me in any situation. And my biggest weakness is when I am in danger sometimes my body can paralyze and I can't think. After I finish school, I want to teach in Hogwarts. I want to teach poisons. I want to use magic to help other people. I think it is very cool when you can cure something that normal people can't. When you can save someone's life easily. This is how I want to use my magic. I have two dogs. Their names are mimi and toffee. The are really smart and loving. My patents are working in the Ministry. I sometimes disagree with them. Especially with my mom. But I still love them so much.
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