Zarina Frost


Just your average first year, struggling through studies and trying to make friends.

  • Joined January 2021
  • Member of Hufflepuff
  • 125 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United States


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<font color = 0dbdae><font face = cursive><details><summary>Basic Info</summary>

<font color = black> Z
<font color = black> Hufflepuff
<font color = black> Pureblood
<font color = black> 9" Vine Wood, Thestral Tail Hair
<font color = black> TBD
<font color = black> 4’ 5”
Hair Color:
<font color = black> Ginger
Eye Color:
<font color = black> Blue
<font color = black> Bubbly, kind, rare-occasion daring, averagely smart
<font color = black> Reading, practicing quidditch (hoping to make the team one day), basking in the sun


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<font color = 0dbdae><details> <summary>Relationships</summary><font color = black>
<center>Girlfriend – Faye Lestrange
<center>Cousin - Andromeda Frost </details>

<font color = adf11><details> <summary>Backstory</summary><font color = black>

My parents were so excited the day I got my Hogwarts letter. Me? I was ECSTATIC. It wasn't a shock when my letter arrived. I come from a long line of witches and wizards. My enthusiasm was more in regards to the fact that I couldn't wait to attend the school where my parents had learned magic and had even met each other. Not that I'm looking for a relationship. I'm eleven after all.

The train ride to Hogwarts was everything I had hoped it would be. Granted, it also helped that my best friend Val was also going to Hogwarts. We talked non-stop the whole way there on what classes we were looking forward to, which house we thought we would get sorted in, and basically all things Hogwarts. I practically sprinted off the train once we had arrived. It was clear that I was overly elated to be there.

The sorting ceremony was one that was bittersweet for me. Not because I didn't believe I was a Hufflepuff. Believe me, I was literally born for this house. No, it was because Val had been sorted into Slytherin. I wasn't really surprised by this, but a part of me was hoping we would be roommates. That way I would know we would still be close. Oh well, the school year is halfway over, and we remain as close as ever. Now we've simply added a few more people to our "circle".

Classes have been great so far! I do struggle from time to time, but thankfully I've made a few friends in each subject that I can lean on if I ever have questions. Especially in the classes that the professors intimidate me. Seeing as I'm still a first year, I haven't gotten to try out for the quidditch team, but I'm hoping next year I'll be able to make the team as a chaser, or perhaps a beater. Although I'm not sure I would be cut out for blatantly hitting others. Probably should just stick to chasing.

I guess the only other thing to add is that my friends call me Z. If you see me around, make sure to say hello!</center>

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