Isabella Abraham

student, not on much

Backstory made by Matilda (Thank you so much!!)

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✨Basic✨                                                                     Name: Isabella Lauren Abraham Physical Appearance: Long dark brown/black hair Pronouns: she/her Likes: K-pop, music, harry potter, reading, pasta, dogs, nice people Dislikes: Rude people, raw cheese, onions, when people be-little others

✨Magical/Hogwarts/Grades✨                                Wand: Ash wood with a unicorn hair core, 13 ¾" and unyielding flexibility House: Hufflepuff Blood Status: Halfblood Patronus: White Stallion Animagus: Unknown, hopefully a stallion Favourite Subject: DADA Favourite Muggle Subject: Science Grades: (please don't make fun of my grades, I'm trying my best!) DADA (In Progress): 75% -A Potions (In Progress): 88% -E Transfiguration (In Progress): 80% -E

✨ Friends/Honourable Mentions ✨                     Matilda: AH TILLY! You're the sweetest, and your codes are incredible! Cassandra: Cassiee! She’s so kind and her aesthetics are beautiful! Lizzie: Her aesthetics are incredible and she’s so nice! Golden Queens: I haven’t known them for long but they are great rp’ers! Nicknames  Isabella (everyone) Ella (Tilda) Isa (friends) Bella (friends) Belle (Lizzie) Isla (Cassie) Ellie (Cassie) Iz (Cassie)

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