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Hi! I’m Emilia Bailey + it’s so nice to meet you. Tysm for checking out my account :) It would be great if you could read my backstory. Follow4follow?

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Hi there! My name is Emilia Bailey, student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I am a proud Hufflepuff which is no surprise since I am kind, hard-working and loyal - if I may say so myself. I was a Hatstall when it came to choosing my house. At first, the Sorting Hat decided to put me in Ravenclaw, but then changed its mind at the last minute, announcing me as a Hufflepuff. My favourite subject is hands down, Care of Magical Creatures as I love working with animals - especially magical ones. I also enjoy Flying lessons because, well, who doesn’t like the thrill of wind rushing past your face as you whoosh past?! Apart from that, I also adore any spell classes, such as Transfiguration, Charms, etc. On the other hand, my least favourite subject has to be either Arithmetic or History of Magic. There’s also a few subjects I do well in but I don’t really like - take for example, Muggle Studies and Divination. I am Muggle-born, but I’m not ashamed of it at all - the only regret I have about it is not being able to experience living with a magical family. Sure, I do get teased and bullied by Draco sometimes, but who cares? He can think what he wants, I’m muggle-born and proud of it. And, if you’re wondering if I was in the UK when Voldemort was around, the answer is no. So, because I was born into a Muggle family, I didn’t really know anything about the wizarding world back then, apart from reading fantasy stories in books, and I was also born way after when Voldemort was in power which didn’t help either. But I have heard of Voldemort from my great-grandparents whose wizard blood I had inherited (they were also the people who taught me to not fear saying Voldemort’s name). Voldemort was powerful, by powerful I mean REALLY POWERFUL. But he’s more weak now after the curse he tried to cast upon baby Harry Potter backfired. I hope the evil man doesn’t return to power. Moving on, my greatest strength is probably.....being friendly to others and accepting who they are.....and also....well, my friends say that I’m clever and get good grades - I’m actually not that smart, I just study hard like Hermione. I’m also quite good at comforting others and being optimistic/enthusiastic.....I would just say I’m the type of person that you could tell all your secrets to and would accompany you on your adventures. Oh and, I forgot to say, my strongest strength is definitely being a natural leader. And my weaknesses are probably being a perfectionist and sometimes a bit stubborn. Ok, and after I finish school, I want to become a author because I love writing and also work with magical creatures - dragons, unicorns, etc. Next, let me share with you what I think the most fascinating aspect of magic is. So, obviously being Muggle-born, I find the fact itself that magic is real is just......amazing and unbelievable. But I have to say the most breathtaking part of magic is the lifestyle. I just find the way witches and wizards live is so different to Muggles and it must be so cool to live in a magical family. Apart from that, I obviously adore flying on a broomstick and doing spells. And speaking of magic, I just want to let you know that I want to use it to help others. I would like to discover a cure for the dreaded Dragon Pox and use it to solve problems and bring happiness and love to people. And people sometimes ask me what I really want or what my dream is. Well, to be honest, I just wish I could have a magical family and also get a Firebolt broomstick (and sell the old Silver Arrow one I have now). Anyway, I forgot so say that I have a pet owl. She’s a snowy owl named Florence a.k.a. Flurry. I would describe her as loyal, intelligent and friendly. Now, let me tell you about my Muggle family. My father is gentle and understanding (and like me, he loves helping people) and he strongly supports my wizarding heritage. My mother is also kind and loving (and she is a true leader like me) but she still hasn’t got her head around me being a wizard. And lastly, I think you should know that my wand is Pine wood with a phoenix feather core, 12 ¼" and rigid flexibility and my Patronus is an otter (which happens to be one of my fav animals!)

Wait, wait! Don’t go yet. I forgot to say, I am an Animagus!! I have finally become one and achieved my dream after years of hard work!!!
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