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hiya! i'm Daphne Hollow, i was sorted into Hufflepuff and if i'm being honest i understand why, i'm hard working and loyal and that's a good thing to be. At the sorting ceremony almost as soon as the sorting hat was placed on my head it put me into with absolutley no hesitation. I love a lot of lessons but my favorite is probably care of magical creatures, i just love learning about all the amazing magical (and non magical!) creatures of the world. I'm not really a fan of potions, it's just not my thing. My whole family are purebloods going right back to the beginning, i think it,s great but i would LOVE to have muggle family, then i could learn what the no-mag people do. My blood status has kind of helped my family get along quite well, as lots of pureblood families know one another, this helps in all kinds of ways but i never use my "status" to say i'm better than others because i know i'm not. My greatest strength is vanishing spells, i have always been great at them, i was born with the ability to do wandless magic and control it, when i was a toddler i had a tantrum and accidentally vanished the wooden bars on my cot and ever since then vanishing spells were my specialty. More importantly, My greatest weakness is that i am too trusting of bad people. After i finish my schooling at Hogwarts i want to be a magizoologist. I want to use magic to help people and never do anybody any harm. I have two snails called Cedric and Michelle I also have a cat called Fae. Both of my mums are animagus and have been teaching me as well. One more thing! be sure to join S.P.E.W




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