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The Basics

  • Name: Abigail Abby Emily Cortez

  • Age: 11-19(depends on rp)

  • Gender: Female

  • House: Ravenclaw

  • Patronus: Unable to produce one

  •  Blood status: Half-blood

  • Sexuality: Bisexual

  • Relationship Status: Single

  • Hair Colour: Blonde

  • Eye Colour: Blue

  • Height: 5'4

  • Species: A quarter Veela


Abigail hates to be called Abigail and much prefers to be called Abby. She always seems to have a smile upon her face and is always loyal to those she loves and is usually more than happy to be a shoulder to cry on. She is an optimist and always tries to see the best in people and tries stop things from upsetting her although at times she fails and she gets upset.

She will always do what she can to make people feel better when she sees someone upset. She can usually be found in the Ravenclaw common room or in the library, reading a book. She tends to read pretty much anything but her preferences lie towards fantasy and autobiographies.

She is very intelligent and loves to learn new things, although if it is a subject that she isn't overly interested in then she tends to not pay much attention. At times she can go off into a daydream although usually only when she is bored. She has a tendancy to giggle, sometimes in situations when she shouldn't be giggling.


  • Abby (everyone)

  • Abs (ask first)

  • Bebe (Only Suzy Potter)

  • Heather (Only Coco)

  • Snow (Only May)

  • BB (Only Raymond Potter)

(Feel free to give me more)


Abby never knew her mother, as her mother died when she was still a baby. She doesn't know what happened to her as her father doesn't like it to talk about it and she never pushed him. Her father is a Muggle and her mother was a witch. She first showed signs of magic at the age of 9 as she got angry and somehow managed to smash the bathroom mirror, and even to this day she doesn't know how she did it. At first she was terrified as she was scared of what her father would do but he told her that he was so proud of her and that she was just like her mother.

When she received her Hogwarts letter, her father couldn't have been more proud of her. Abby didn't want to go at first because she didn't want to leave her father behind but with some encouragement she decided to go and even spent most of the first train journey in tears.

Hogwarts Info

Abby is very intelligent and likes to stay on track with her studies. She is usually one of the first to master any spell and will always help any student that is struggling. She is highly skilled at non-verbal magic and she is good enough at non-verbal incantations that she doesn't need to say the incantations aloud for a wide variety of spells. 

She is also able to use Legilimency (the act of magically navigating through many layers of a person's mind and correctly interpreting one's findings) but she hasn't quite managed to fully master it yet and so at times she can end up finding out that her 'findings' are incorrect. She is also able to use Occlumency (the act of shielding ones mind from Legilimency) and seems to be better at this and can often sheild her mind although she doesn't always see the need to.


Wall rules:

  • Please don't spam my wall (unless you have my permission to)

  • Please don't post anything racist, homophobic or transphobic on my wall

  • If I have said something that has offended you in any way please don't post on my wall and instead owl me with the problem

  • Please don't post on my wall or comment on any post on my wall to say something bad about someone else on here

  • No posting chain mail

Roleplay Rules:

  • No controlling my character

  • Please make replies as long as possible

  • Don't use asterisks (*) and instead please use speech marks correctly

  • Don't leave everything up to me and try to keep it interesting

  • Please be patient with me as I can take a while to reply at times due to only having limited mobile data, being a mother of baby twins and at times I can struggle with my mental health

  • My triggers are: Eating disorders (mainly anorexia), suicide and self harm. And just a note that torture and murder are slight triggers so please not too much of those

A little about IRL me

  • My name is Pandora (not saying my middle name and last name)

  • I currently live with my fiancé and our twins

  • I have 5 fears and those are Emetophobia (fear of throwing up), Arachnophobia (fear of spiders), Hemophobia (fear of blood), Nyctophobia (fear of the dark) and Brontophobia (fear of Thunder and Lightning)

  • My hair is naturally blonde but I usually dye it

  • I have a mental disorder called Derealization Syndrome (sometimes called Depersonalisation syndrome)

  • I have anxiety (a part of my mental disorder)

  • I am always happy to talk about my mental health if anyone has questions

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