Arwen Sage


Believe nothing you hear, and only one half that you see.

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Basic Information

Name: Arwen Sage
Birthday: September 22nd
Birthplace: Inverness, Scotland
Blood Status: Pure-Blood

Patronus: Thestral
Wand: 10.75 inches, cedar, unicorn hair, unbending flexibility

General Appearance

Arwen has dark brown, almost black, hair. Her hair natural hair falls is soft curls over her shoulders and down to her waist. Her eyes sit in an almond shape and are blue-grey. Arwen stands right at 5 foot 6 inches even though her frame is dainty.


Arwen has always been a head-strong individual. She proves time and time again that she isn’t made to follow. She doesn’t stop at anything to get the results she matter the cost. But don’t let that fool you. Arwen may come off as cold-hearted and ruthless, but she cares deeply for those closest to her. Arwen tends to be a very direct and honest person. The truth hurts sometimes. Arwen is a night owl and doesn’t typically wish to be seen during the day. If you want to find her, you should venture deep within the library or in a secluded place in nature.

Family History & Early Life

Arwen was born on September 22nd to Corvina and
Crius Sage in the town of Iverness, Scotland. She spent her childhood in the Scottish Highlands. Arwen’s Mother, Corvina, spent her days as a healer while her father, Crius, spent his days studying the stars. By Arwen’s sixth birthday, the family welcomed her brother, Rowan. He was born the complete opposite of Arwen. The family held, and still holds, a quiet life in the Highlands.

RP Rules

1. Semi-lit to Lit RP only
2. No godmodding. No one likes it.
3. No ghosting. Just say something.
4. Please use proper grammar.
5. Absolutely no discrimination of any kind. It won't be tolerated.

Rules can be added to at any given time. Use your best judgement and be a decent human being.

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