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I'm a Hufflepuff and honestly you could tell it, the decision was immediate ! I think it's mostly because I'm kind and patient , but probably also I love magical creature and I really hoped for being in this house. I just loooooove Care of Magical Creatures, Herbology and Potions. I'm a half-blood, my mother is pureblood and my dad muggleborn. I don't think my blood statues affected my life, it's more my parents weird ideas and will that did... I think my greatest strength is my memorization skills, as for my weakness I think it's the fact that I tend to choose my creatures other my friends... (Once I almost left one of them who needed me to help a creature...) When I'll have finish school I wanna be a magizoologist just like my idol Newt Scamander ! I happenned to have many pets, one of them being... Troublesome... Her name is Karma and to be simple she's like a polymorphic fox, who can copy some simple spells like being invisible... She's curious. I also have a barn owl, but it was my dad's, his name is Hickory (it's just the name of a brown colour...), His kinda full of himself, but you can trust him. The most interesting part of my famyli is my mothers side, they are of Norwegian origin and very adventurous, wich means that we have an attic and a cellar full of magical stuff from all around the world ! Also I know there was some generation of dark wizards, but it was a long time ago.
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