Blake Lestrange


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I come from the pure blood family of Lestrange and was sorted into Slytherin. Me and my family live at the Lestrange Manor in England. I am cunning, but I am also fiercely loyal. I may do anything for my ambitions, but I would also protect my loved ones to the very end.  I was always a loner, but at school, I found my real family.They are Regulus Black, Barty Crouch Jr, Amelia Bones, and Pandora Lovegood. I do have other friends, but they aren't as close as my family. Amelia knows about the "secret organization" that Dumbledore is making because her family is a big supporter of the idea. To be honest, though, everyone already knows about it, they just don't know the name. Amelia amd Pandora often reassure Regulus, and I that they won't join so we won't have to face each other during the war. She knows that me and Regulus are most likely going to join the Dark Lord because of our parents. Barty is probably going to join to escape his dad, I can't blame him, joining the Dark Lord to escape abuse is a common thing for slytherins. I just hope that it will be over some day.

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