Grace Warrington


Hey! Welcome to my profile! If anyone wants to do an rp (mature or not idc) just post on my wall or owl me!

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  • Canada


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Basic Facts


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Name ➼ Grace

Nickname ➼ Gracie

Age ➼ 15

Relationship Status ➼ Taken

Birthday ➼ November 5th

Sexuality ➼ Straight

Height ➼ 5'4

Fav food ➼ SUSHI

Introvert or Extrovert? I'm super extroverted

Personality type ➼ ENFJ

Religion ➼ I'm a devoted Christian.


Likes and Dislikes



Reading, Binge watching Netflix, BTS and anything kpop, sleeping with my army of stuffed animals, my hippogriff, Pepper, which I got at MAAA!


The dark, spiders, bugs, super creepy movies





Badminton, reading, texting my friends, singing whenever and wherever (yes this includes the shower), watching vlive


Singing, public speaking, french (I'm not that fluent tho), playing the flute


BTS, singing, sleeping



Credit to Nikki Tesla for creating this backstory. Contact her if you want one too!

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