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Hi and welcome to my page! My name is Araminta Mimsey, but you may call me Arami. Or you may call me Ari. I joined this website as an event in one of my school clubs, and can't get off of it. Seeing so many people that are in the same fandoms as me and like some of the same roleplay genres makes me feel happy, since it shows how much we are alike. I hope to talk to you soon!




Description: (profile picture)

Worded description: Short brown hair, blue eyes, glasses, freckles (may not be seen in pfp), pierced ears (also may not be shown in pfp [earrings are visible])

Backstory: Ari was a normal girl in a normal world. No difference from any other girl with short brown hair and glasses. She may have been known as the outcast. She would always throw temper tantrums when she was younger when things didn't go her way (pretty sure all kids did that, though.), but at school, she was a good student. As she got older, she had more control over her emotions, and was an honorable student in grade six. She was enrolled into Hogwarts because of this. She is doing well in her first year at Hogwarts!



Description: (seen in this animation [by me, using a template]: )

Worded description: Long brown hair, blue eyes, ponytail, no glasses, no visible freckles, no piercings

Backstory: Lili was a first year Slytherin. However, she was the kindest. She never hurt anyone, never broke any rules, nothing. That was why some third year Slytherin boys teased her. Until one day, they took it too far. Lili was walking into the library to study, when one of the boys, Jack, punched her in the face. Some of the boys didn't wat to go that far and they left the group. However, the rest stayed and went along with Jack's decision. So she was constantly bullied, and returned to her dorm with cuts and bruises, and sometimes a black eye. Eventually she had enough, and quit studying. She was failing her classes, which resulted in more bullying and teasing.



~~~~~~Fandoms I'm In~~~~~~

Harry Potter





Pico's School

FNaF (sort of)


More will be added soon, since I join a lot a fandoms really fast.

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