Briana Storm


And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.

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No one could tell that Briana Storm was anything but ordinary from her appearance. The luscious brown hair that reminded her mother of melted milk chocolate laid comfortably past Briana’s shoulder blades. Her green eyes looked like an enchanted river as the golden sun hit them while she took a walk on the training grounds to admire the never ending beauty around her. The thick trees hung over the short girl’s head as her feet moved forward. Even though she was only 11, 4’8 seemed too small for a witch with potential. Either way, Storm has always kept herself fit and active, making comfort a priority for this female. Sweatpants, turtlenecks, leggings, sweatshirts, and oversized t-shirts were overflowing in the closet. These simple traits of Briana Storm’s style would never cause anyone to try to uncover the mystery and darkness intertwined with her soul.

Before Hogwarts

Phoenix Storm was as strict as mothers come. Her two children would be in bed every night by 8’o clock sharp and be up at 6 am to have family breakfast and start their long lists of chores and responsibilities. Once they committed to anything, whether it be academics, sports, or an extracurricular of any kind…they were not allowed to even think about quitting. Briana Storm would be at Gymnastics every morning till dinner time during the summer, but even when school was in session she could only be found at the gym anytime after 3. Edgar John Storm would attend every soccer practice and made sure to feed and walk his Newfoundland Jimmy whenever he was home. Even though she raised two efficient, organized, and caring children, Briana and EJ did not hold a cherished bond with her like they did with Enrique Storm. Their father was the kind of man that would take them out for ice cream even if they lost a game or tumbled during a routine. He would comfort them through every situation their young hearts and minds came across. They lived for his warm bear hugs, his funny bed time stories that he would make up on the spot, and the endless support they got from him. That all vanished though when he was pronounced dead the year Briana turned 11 and EJ turned 7. The man who was always there for them disappeared one night, not a trace of his body to be found. Phoenix was more strict than ever and dived herself into cooking and baking to make profit for her and her children. The mention of the name “Enrique” would enrage the woman and no one felt safe enough to share their grief with one another. Then another unexpected event occurred, Briana got an acceptance letter to Hogwarts, the magical school of witchcraft and wizardry. Minerva McGonagall appeared after receiving no response for some time and informed the hesitant family that Enrique was a pure blood wizard with a history of dark magic. With Briana Storm now having the knowledge of her magical past, she was on a mission to discover what happened to her beloved father and seek revenge for the havoc it caused her family. She vowed to become as powerful as she could be.

Magical Characteristics

Blood type: Half-blood

Wand: Hazel wood with a unicorn hair core, 10" and slightly springy flexibility

Patronus: Mastiff (type of dog)

House: Hufflepuff

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