Shyto Todoroki

Transfer student (from UA)

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hi, I'm Shyto Todoroki I just transferred to Hogwarts from the top hero academy in Japan UA! I am not too familiar with the magical world but I am excited to be here at Hogwarts. a few fun facts about me are that I have a twin brother named Shoto, I have what most people call super powers I can control fire and Ice that is my Quirk. I am kinda shy to most people at first but I am quite fun once you get to know me, I love animals and music. I have been abused, so has my twin brother... I also have two other brothers Touya and Natsuo, then I have one sister Fuyumi. Our father Enji is not very kind to us, but he is know as one of the number one heroes Endeavor... since no one knows what happens within the walls of our home. Our Mother Rei doesn't care for me and Shoto since we remind her of our father hence the reason she poured boiling water on me and my brother which explains the scars on our faces. Me and Shoto both now suffer from PTSD and can sometimes have severe panic attacks, which makes it very hard for us to breathe and not many people can calm me or my brother down. we can calm each other down and a couple of our friends can calm us down, but it's not easy. we often are triggered by shouting or any acts of violence towards us, since it often reminds us of the traumatic experiences with our father. But anyway Shoto and I are hardly ever apart so if you see me you'll most likely see him too, and most people say we are odd but if you wanna hate on us then stay away cause we don't need that kinda crap but here is a general description of me hair color: half red, Half white eye color: left blue, right grey height: 5'4" house: Gryffindor sexuality: Bi Shoto Todoroki: hair color: half red, Half white eye color: left blue, right grey height: 5'9" is silent most of the time and has depression, he often keeps his arms covered for unknown reasons... only his sister knew why, he was a cutter. house: Gryffindor sexuality: Gay

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