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I am a pureblood witch from an ancient and very rich pureblood family but I am not snobby and have no prejudice against muggleborns. I am a descendent of Merlin, my great great grandfather was Salazar Slytherin himself, my great great great grandmother was Morgan Le Fay, Helga's daughter and Godric's son got together and their child married into my line and had children and before she died Helena had a secret daughter who again married into my line and had children of her own. This means I am a Parselmouth, a direct descendent of all four founders and the heir of Hogwarts. I have blood from every creature in my family which allows me to utilise their abilities such as the veela charm/beauty and can transform into the bird-like form, Elf ears from elf blood, spell resistance from giant blood with none of the height additions, I can transform into a werewolf whenever I please and have complete control, I have all the positive abilities of a vampire with none of the negative, I can speak to any and all animals/creatures, I know every language that ever existed, invisibility/conditional invisibility. My family trained me in duelling and a bit more than the basics in all Hogwarts, Ilvemorny, Beauxbatons, Durmstrang an all other wizarding school classes plus dark magic, legilimency, occlumency, alchemy and wandless magic for the most basic spells such as lumos. I was turned into an animagus when I was 10 and my form is a dragon and so is my patronus. Other abilities I have is that I am a metamorphmagus, I have 'the sight', unsupported flight, spell creation, photographic memory, due to my vampiric abilities I am immortal, elf magic, goblin magic, house elf magic which a house elf I freed from an abusive household (not my own) gave me willingly, I have been described as very charming and manipulative and can work any crowd, I have a super human reflexes as a result of my mixed blood, I have elemental magic without spells, plant affinity, spell affinity, animal affinity, I can see Thestrals after I witnessed my father being murdered and I have a time turner. My core is grey which means I can utilise all dark and light spells. My natural hair colours is pure white and my natural eye colour is violet though they have the tendency to change depending on my mood or my form. My skin is very pale yet because I am a metamorphmagus I can change this. My personality is equal parts Slytherin, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff and because of this I created a 10 minute long hatstall whilst being sorted.


Wand: Aspen Wood with a Phoenix Feather core, 12 1/2 inches and reasonably supple flexibility

Patronus: Dragon

Zodiac: Leo (Sun) Gemini (Moon) Pisces (Ascendant) Virgo (Descendant)

Pet/Familiar: Black cat with blue eyes called Salem


Astronomy 101: O
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