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My name is Lizeth Béatrice Malfoy. I am a Malfoy but I go in HUFFLEPUUF not in SLYTHERIN like the rest of my family, they supported me when they knew but not the whole family. I live in London in a big house. My family is made up of my 3-year-old brother Carwyn, my 16-year-old sister Ayla and SLYTHERIN,My mother Ondine a German witch and my father Ryan, my grandparents Rose and Scorpius and yes ...... I am relative with Harry Potter as my grandmother is Harry Potter's niece my great-uncle Albus is his son and my great grandparents on my grandmother's side are Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger and on my grandfather's side are Draco and Astoria (I never met her because she died when my grandfather was little ) Malfoy. Speaking about another topic, I NEVER cared about being pure blood because I am not and I do not care about my mother is pure blood but my father is half-blood I have pure blood friends but they do not care how I am or how they are, My best friend is Pure-blood, his name is Oliver Greengrass he is in SLYTHERIN ah! and I am a big fan of KPOP :D.

Name: Lizeth Béatrice Malfoy
Patronus: Cat
Age: 15 (DEPENDS RP)
Animagus: Cat
Hair Colour: Redhead
Eye colour: Light Green
Type of Blood: Half-Blood
Favorite Animal: Elephant and Kangoroo
Best Friend: Oliver Greengrass
Wand: Cherry wood and Dragon Heart Core (length 20cm)
Ilvermorny house: WAMPUS

I love Dancing, Reading, Singing and playing the piano

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