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<script>alert("hello there! i see you have stumbled upon my tiny little wall! couple rules, please!\n♞ please be kind! \n♞ negative vibes must be left outside!\n ♞ nuuuuu i shalt not give thou coding tips uwu i got all my coding tips from • Nɪᴋᴋɪ Tᴇᴤʟᴀ • & library books uwu, also, i took time to teach mah self htmllllll \n owl me for rp's please! \n ♞ nuuuuu i don't do follows for follows! \n ♞ last rule, i love chocolate and thou shalt be cursed for eternity if thou shalt not give me chocolateeeeeeee \n♞ credits to nikki teslaaaaaaaaa! imma link her thingy in mah profile so uh, go follow her ayyyyy! ");</script>

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- in progress -

<summary> ☾ rules ☽ </summary>

so some rules for my wall!
∙ no negative vibes!
∙ be kind!
∙ please dont ask for coding tips :3 its not because i dont want to give them to you, its just i dont know how to get them. my friends are doing my backstory for me xD (you can find them on their shared account - demons)
∙ if you came to my rule in search of roleplays, please see my roleplay rules!
∙ feel free to post stuff like "thanks for the follow" but if you dont get a reply, i dont mean to be rude! i just suck at convos and i dont really know what to say uwu

<summary> ☾ credits ☽ </summary>

• Nɪᴋᴋɪ Tᴇᴤʟᴀ •

<summary> ☾ general information☽ </summary>

♞ name: felix felicis eastwood-michaels

♞ age: 15

♞ nicknames:
∙ Fe/Phe (my queen)
∙ Felie (my queen)
∙ Lix (my queen) (ask if you want to tho!)
∙ Licie (my queen)
∙ Lixie (my queen)
∙ Felixie (my queen)
∙Xie (my queen)
∙Xie-Fe (my queen)
∙Pheliecis (my queen)
∙Fex (my queen)
∙ Flix (my queen)
∙ Fefe (my queen)
∙ Flex (my queen)

♞ appearance: messy silvery-white hair, black eyes, taller than most, pale skin. unlike his twin, he has a sort of, i suppose, aura that makes him likeable.

♞ personality: likeable, shy, friendly, tries to help everyone.

♞ likes & dislikes:
• likes: high places, quidditch, chocolate, tea, books.
• dislikes: cramped/small places.

♞ relationship status: bisexual & taken by my queen


<summary> ☾ wizarding world information ☽ </summary>

♞ hogwarts house: slytherin

♞ secondary hogwarts house: hufflepuff

♞ combo house: slytherpuff

♞ wand: hornbeam, dragon heartstring, 13", whippy.

♞ favorite subject: care of magical creatures & charms

♞ least-favorite subject: astronomy

♞ patronus: polar-bear

♞ future occupation: magizoologist

♞ best spell:


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