Malloяy Lupiи

Hufflepuff Studeиt

❝To hate is an easy thing, but to love takes strength everyone has but not all are willing to practice.❞

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about me::
Mallory Ariadne Felicia Lupin | scorpio | infp-t | daughter of Teddy & Victoire Lupin
→ Lilo (Stitch only) → Mal (friends) → others?

MUSIC (kpop ♫), ice cream, romance, laughing, memes, helping, making someone happy, band, little children, overalls, xmas lights, staying up late, tea, fantasizing, rain
hate, fighting, mean & annoying people, depression & anxiety, burnt pizza, spiders, styrofoam, cold showers, public speaking, wet socks, pepperoni (don't judge), ads, "loading"

house:: hufflepuff
blood status:: pureblood
wand:: pine wood, phoenix feather core, 12 ½", pliant flexibility
patronus:: white mare
boggart:: tbd
amortentia:: rain, freshness, hot tea
pets:: Mercury (male tawny owl), Calypso (female siberian cat), Nickel (male niffler - thx maaa)
dream job:: musician

→ please don't be rude or judge
→ please don't cuss
→ memes are 130% encouraged, but make sure they are clean!
→ if you are feeling offended by something I said, please send me an owl instead of posting it on my wall
→ go ahead and spam me (I'm bored) just please don't leave a gazillion notifications

Nya → for the codes!
Renesmee → for being so sweet & amazing & my bestie! Love you too stitich! ♡
Matilda → for being such a good friend to me!
Londyn → for being so kind to me!
Scamander Sisters → you guys are so awesome! (Cassandra, Irene, Isadora)

under construction probably idk anymore

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