Sweet, Kind, Loyal. Everything a Hufflepuff should be. OWL me if you would like to be friends, definitely looking for some.

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<font face="pacifico"><font size= 1>When I first came to Hogwarts, I was amazed. I had heard wonderful things of the castle, but didn't know what to expect myself. When I sat on that stool, with a wide grin on my face, waiting for my name to call, I was relieved when Hufflepuff was called. It was my dream house, as I was just like your average Hufflepuff. I will admit, the Sorting Hat seemed to be a bit torn between two houses, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. Either was fine with me, but, I love my house and would never trade it. Finally being able to start classes, I always knew I would have a love for Defense Against the Dark Arts. It was always more of a hands-on class anyways. But, I will say that History of Magic can be a bit boring at times, especially with Professor Binns teaching it. Luckily for me, I do happen to be a half-blood, with my mother being a muggle and my father being a half-blood as well. I normally don't let people bully me based off of my blood status, and I don't let their words get to me. I am hoping to receive decent enough grades that when I do happen to graduate, that I might be able to become a teacher myself, as it is one of my bigger passions. I had just barely been able to convince my parents to buy me an owl for the school year, mainly because I wanted to be able to communicate with them.
✧ CHARMS: not started
✧ HERBOLOGY: not started
✧ HISTORY OF MAGIC: not started
✧ POTIONS: not started
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