Lydia Cesaire


Muggleborn. Interested in Herbology. First year. Pansexual.

  • Joined May 2021
  • Member of Slytherin
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  • 1st Year
  • United Kingdom


Muggleborn. First year. Tough, honestly. Who knew I was a witch? Bit of a shock for my family when they found out. I wasn't always a very bright student, it took some patience. I love going home for the holidays and breaks. Helping my mum with gardening, stargazing with my brother... I miss it! I can't get enough of herbology classes. Same with transfiguration! They're both so enjoyable and man do I love Madame Sprout! I may love astronomy but class does get quite boring most of the time. I like to keep to myself. I'm VERY awkward, you see. I can't make friends unless they talk to me first. However, nobody does. So here I am, and 11 year old Slytherin with no friends. I'm currently training to be an animagi, a fox. I never enjoyed reading, to be fair. I could never find a good book. I spend most of my time in the Common Room. Usually, I ask profs about tests every week to be prepared. It's a routine now: Wake up, Breakfast, First class, Study, Second class, Study... I can never get enough! I like to practice my handwriting a lot too. It's still not that neat but it's decent. So that's me. A lonely Slytherin who loves to study for tests. Usually, it's confusing that I'm muggleborn and a Slytherin. That could be the reason nobody talks to me.
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