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Hi, I am Alexia Black // First year // Griffindor// Half-blood // "New" House of Black // Feel free to owl me or post on my wall!

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Name: Alexia Black Age: 11 (actually 21)

Birthplace: Nottingham, England

House: Griffindor

Ilvermorny House: Horned Serpent

Wand wood: Hawthorn wood

Wand Core: unicorn hair

Wand Length 12 ¼"

Wand Flexibility: reasonably supple

Patronus: Wolf

Animagus Form: (to be confirmed, hopefully, Wolf)

Favourite Subjects: Charms, Defence Against the Dark Arts

Strengths: determination to do and be the best I can be.

Weaknesses: I prefer to work through these things alone.



A Bowtruckle called Apollo

A baby male Griffin called Boreas

A Fwooper called Majesty



Mother: Muriel Black (Jordan)

Farther: Sirius Black

Brother: Regulus Black III

Paternal Uncle: Regulus Black II

Maternal Grandmother: Millicent Jordan (Evans)

Maternal Grandfather: Colin Jordan



When I received my Hogwarts Letter it wasn't a shock to me, my mum or my dad. I am a half-blood witch carrying the name from the house of black. My father being Sirius black who was wrongly accused of murdering a group of muggles and my mother is Muriel Jordan, a half-blood witch who was sorted into Griffindor a year after my dad. I realised very quickly when arriving at the Leaky Cauldron, that my name and dad could cause me some problems while I was there. I have always been told by my dad that he always fought for the good with the order of the phoenix. Dumbledore was eventually able to clear his name. When I arrived at Hogwarts I was so scared I would be sorted into Slytherin just like the majority of the Black family. Luckily for me, I was placed into Griffindor, just like my Dad. I met twins Fred and George Weasley who are the funniest and biggest trouble makers I have ever met. We became friends very fast and enjoy getting into loads of trouble together.



First Year
ASTR-101 - To be completed (O-98%)

CHRM-101 - To be completed (O-93%)

DADA-101 - To be completed (O-86%)

HERB-101 - To be completed (O-100%)

HOM-101 - To be completed (O-100%)

PTNS-101 - To be completed (O-96%)

TNFG -101 - To be completed (O-100%)



Monday - Astronomy

Tuesday - Charm

Wednesday - Defence Against the Dark Arts

Thursday - Herbology

Friday - History of Magic

Saturday - Potions

Sunday - Transfiguration

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