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Welcome To The Salvatore Residence

To all newcomers, RP Rules are below...

RP Rules

If you get bored lmk, we can easily change it or just end it completely.

I love chatting aside from the RP, I usually just use brackets though.

I'm 18+ so mature RP's are preferred.

Try to match your responses to mine, length wise.

Lucian Salvatore


The Basics:

Name: Luciano Jayson Salvatore

Nicknames: Luc, Lucian, Mr Salvatore, Jay


FC: Tanner Buchanan

Sexuality: Straight

Gender: Male

Height: 5'9 - 5'10

E/C: Icy-Blue

H/C: Brown/Black

Hobbies: Music, Piano, Guitar, Skateboarding, Dancing, etc.


Luciano Salvatore comes from a very powerful, pureblooded family. He's in his 7th year at Hogwarts, often sneaks off to the R.O.R to play the old Piano and sing, he's very talented at Piano/Guitar/Singing and writing music. He also loves to Skateboard through the corridors or just around the school grounds. He got out of a serious relationship about a year and a half ago with a girl, Lydia,  that cheated on him with the Quidditch team Captain.

He was born with a deadly curse due to his mother doing dark magic to save his father from death. His father and he do NOT get along due to his mother's passing. He gets in fights with a particular Gryffindor often but best mates with many Slytherin's such as Malfoy, Zabini, Crepusculum, Granger, etc. His father Daniel Salvatore had tried many times to force Lucian into marriages, but he doesn't have the heart to spread the curse and prefers it to die with him.


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