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Inbox is always open, chat, plotting RP, or just send me a picture of your pet! Find me on Twitter @Silver_T_Autumn (Still setting up)

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I have always been loyal to those closest around me, that's probably why the sorting hat chose Hufflepuff almost instantly. Some people laugh when I say I'm a Hufflepuff. I don't know why, there's no point in hiding in the shows. I'm a Hufflepuff and I'm proud. I was just above average in school. Never failed any classes, but never got the top marks. I was comfortable. My favourite class was Care of Magical Creatures. That's probably why my favourite articles to write are based on animals. I was a potions wizz, but the Slytherins in my class always tried to steal my perfect potions for their own use, so I would deliberately make them wrong so they would make whoever stole them from me have horrendous sneezing fits. Better that than burning someone's hair off! I'm a pureblood. I come from a hole line of editors, reporters, even illustrators. They all worked for the Daily Prophet. I was proud of my family, but I didn't want to be another sheep to follow the pack. That's why I decided to go for The Quibbler. Being one of the only purebloods at work, I do think some people avoid me. Some purebloods give us all a bad name. But old Xenophilius never treats me any differently to the rest of them. In fact, I recon I'm his favourite. I was born and bred in the UK. Of course I knew all about He Who Must Not Be Named and his rise to power, but being a pureblood who keeps to herself does have some benefits. I just kept my head down and that was that. Yeah they came knocking on my door occasionally, but that really was that. I don't really know what my greatest strength is. I'm pretty good at not needing any sort of writing implement when I'm out on assignment. I've got the best memory around, but only when it comes to work. My head's like a sieve with anything else. I would say that I have so many more weaknesses than strengths, but you can always change them into strengths. Bit too much of a perfectionist? Doesn't matter, take those 10 years, and you'll have the perfect cure for hiccups. What about bad at keeping to deadlines? Doesn't matter! You'll still get the job done! Working at The Quibbler has got to the best decision I have ever made. The Lovegood's have welcomed me like family. I would never leave now. They have shown me so many things that most people in the wizarding world wouldn't give a second glance. The amount of new pets I have even from just the past couple of months is unbelievable. I lost count a long time ago.

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