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"you think the dead we love truly ever leave us? you think we don't recall them clearly in times of great trouble?" offline right now <3

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Mathile Adwell


full name: mathile ceres adwell (born june 27th, 1980)
father: alymer logan adwell (born october 8th, 1950)
mother: astraea hart (born november 2nd, 1950 and passed july 9th, 1982)
siblings: abrianna inara adwell (born august 7th, 1981)
blood type: pure-blood
hogwarts house: gryffindor
ilvermorny house: horned serpent
sexuality: bisexual

going into hogwarts, mathile adwell was ready to take on the magical world. whether it was from potions to defense against the dark arts, mathile was prepared with books and parchment at hand. after all, getting her hogwarts letter was no surprise, due to both of her parents going to hogwarts from all magical families. but even though mathile was destined for the magical world, a strange feeling of lurking could not shake her mind, and the possibilities of great adventure arouse curiosity in her thoughts.

beachy wave hazelnut hair
brushes aside curtain bangs
dazzled freckles near the nose line
grey rainy eyes

dressed in:

gryffindor hogwarts robes

long sleeve dark plum shirt
overlapped stripped v-necked dark red and dark yellow shirt
large jeans with many buttons
striped dark red and dark yellow socks
black high-rise converse

either let down
or tied with a ribbon in a ponytail

goals of the year:

get all O's in the first-year core classes
sneak into the restricted section to find books
brew perfected potions
don't fall asleep in class

random facts about me:

favorite subject: potions
least favorite subject: none! :)
favorite food: ube pastries
least favorite food: any dried fruits or vegetables
patronus: calico cat
boggart: someone casting the killing curse
favorite spell: nox
favorite animal: kitties
favorite sport: lacrosse and quidditch (of course)
favorite color: dark forest green
favorite book: fantastic beasts and where to find them by newt scamander
favorite fantastic beast: bowtruckle
favorite flower: white magnolias

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