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Slytherclaw student Age: 12 Birthday: July 10th ~happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the lights~~always~

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       ~dude she's just not into you~

Harry Potter oc's:

Golden trio years:

    Alexandra Andromeda Riddle 1

nickname: Alexa

Parents: Lord Voldemort, Bellatrix Riddle 

House: Gryffindor 

Blood status: half-blood

 Personality: evil, smart, cunning, good-hearted deep down 

Amortentia: strawberry shampoo, car gas,  red apple, book pages

Apearance: really long straight black hair and dark brown eyes 

Boggart:her sister dying 

Mirror of erised: her without the dark mark for once 

Patronus: doe

Theme song: killer prom queen

Backstory: Alexa's father disapeared when she was four after trying to kill four-year-old Harry Potter and her mother went to Azkaban leaving her and her three siblings-Tom who was ten Matheo who was seven and Elina who was a newborn- at her aunts Narcissa's house she is the same age as Draco Malfoy and at the outside world everyone thinks her and Matheo are Malfoys including Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley her "best friend's". At fourth year she killed Cedric Diggory who Ginny was dating and Ginny thought it was Ron so Alexa convinced her to join the death eaters 

Quote: "there are no good and bad people, there are weal people and strong people,...who do you want to be?"

~don't trust people~

Alexandra Andromeda Riddle 2

nickname: Alexa 

Parents: Lord Voldemort and Bellatrix Riddle 

House: Slytherin 

Personality: evil, smart, cunning, good-hearted deep down

Amortentia: strawberry shampoo, car gas,red apple, book pages

Apearance: really long straight black hair and dark brown eyes 

Boggart: her sister dying

Mirror of erised: her without the dark mark for once 

Patronus: unable to produce one till 5th year because she only has sad memories then when she does its a doe

Blood status: half-blood

Backstory: Alexa's father disapeared after trying to kill four-year-old Harry Potter and her mother went to Azkaban leaving her and her siblings-Tom who was ten Matheo who was seven and Elina who was a newborn-at her aunt's Narcissa's house she has the same age as Draco Malfoy and hasn't been to hogwarts until her 4th year 

Quote: "I don't follow the rule i make them and if necessary I'll break them"

~life is like sleep, one day you'll wake up and face the real world~

Olivia Cedrella  Weasley 

Parents: Molly and Arthur Weasley 

House: Slytherin 

Apearance:  red hair, brown eyes 

Boggart: Fred and George hating her

Mirror of Erised: her parents telling her they're proud of her

Amortentia: rain, old book pages, blueberry shampoo

Personality: mean most of the times, kind only to people close to her, has trust issues.

Patronus: otter

Blood status: pureblood 

Backstory: Olivia wasn't like her family she is Ginny Weasley's twin sister, she got sorted into Slytherin and her parents were very cold towards her from then she fought with her siblings often except from Fred and George, she opened the chamber of secrets and started dating Draco Malfoy, at her fourth year she realized she was pregnant with his baby, Draco's parents disowned him for that and he went to live with Olivia, her parents accepted it and they started having a better relationship from then, six months later from when she found out she was pregnant she gave birth to a baby girl which they named Narcissa after Draco's mother 

Quote: "you should never mess with a red-hair"

~the person you trust the most will be the one who will hurt You the most~

Next generation time oc: 

Britney Potter

Parents: Harry and Ginny Potter

Apearance: red hair and green eyes

House: Ravenclaw 

Boggart: Voldemort coming back

Mirror of Erised:  kissing Scorpious Malfoy 

Patronus: horse

Blood status: Half blood 

Backstory: Britney was Lily Luna Potter's twin sister and younger sister of James Sirius and Albus Severus Potter as well. She got sorted into Ravenclaw and she always had a crush on her brother's best friend Scorpious Malfoy

Quote: "don't make me blush you'll end up shocked on how similar my hair and face will look like"

Alexandra Merope Riddle

nickname: Alexa

Parents: father is Lord Voldemort and mother is unknown

Age: 11-anything(Lily Potter's age)

House: Slytherin

Apearance: long black hair, dark brown eyes, pale skin.

Blood-status: half-blood 

Backstory: when her father died in the second wizarding war her mother was one-month pregnant with her but she too died soon after so Alexa was sent to live with Harry Potter and his wife Ginny Weasley who she hated. (She is supposed to be one year younger than Teddy but let's pretend she's in Lily's age)

Twilight and Harry Potter oc (can become only Twilight if you want)

~trust is earned hardly but breaks easily~

            Ayuna Volturi 

parents: Aro Volturi and unknown witch 

Personality: kind, smart, funny naive  (at the begin) 

Status: Half-vampire Half-witch 

House: Slytherin 

Amortentia: Blood, perfume, old books

Backstory: Ayuna was a half vampire half witch born in 1904 by Aro and a human witch who had two sons her mother died giving birth at her she lives in the Volturi castle she doesn't glow in the sun if she doesn't want to  and can eat human food and blood she grows up until she turns 21 and then stops 

Quote:"Just cause I'm half mortal doesn't mean I'm easier to kill"

~keep an eye on your friends before they betray you~

Muggle oc: Kaitlyn Adams

Parents: Georgia Adams, John Adams

Siblings: Liana (older sister 10 years difference), Paul (older brother 1 year difference), George (twin brother)

Age: 15

Nickname: Kaitlyn 

Backstory: Kaitlyn is just a normal girl who started high school, she didn't have any friends there, she only had her two brothers-Paul who was a year older than her and George who was her twin brother-there and her cousin, her twin brother was doing French while she was doing German and she was supposed to be in the same class as him and some kids she started hanging out with but they changed her class after they saw she was doing German. At her new class she didn't know anyone and didn't have breaks with her brothers or cousin so she was alone, thankfully the school made a protest and they started having breaks together, she started liking a boy in her twin brother's class his name was Andrew they started dating after a month but broke up three weeks after Meanwhile Kaitlyn had started to hang out with Andrew's girl friends but they started avoiding her and excluding her from the group after they broke up so she spent all her breaks and free-periods at the school stairs reading Harry Potter whenever her brother asked her about it she would lie and say she just didn't want to hang out with someone . A few days later her brother-paul- got hit by a car and got into a coma. While Kaitlyn found out that Andrew had asked her (ex) best friend out and she said yes without even telling Kaitlyn 

Quote "99% of your friends are fake the rest 1% are real...most of the times"

~believe in yourself not in others~

Descendants oc

          Elsa Frost 

parents: Ailsa(queen of ice), Jafar 

Siblings: Jay (full brother one year older than Elsa), Alicia (half-sister from Jafar, two years younger than Elsa)


Apearance: Blue hair, brown eyes which turn blue whenever she's mad or nervous 

Power: ice 

Backstory: Elsa was Jay's younger sister she always hang out with Jay and his friends when they were invited to Auredon she was as well, and her little sister since all of Jafar's kids were she was the leader of their group and ended up falling in love with Benjamin's (Ben's) twin brother Jackson (Jack)

Quote: "I'm mean that doesn't make me evil"

~there is 'end' in friend that's why friendships don't always last.~


Links to my wattpad books: 

Book one:

Name: The Cobra Queen.

Voldemort's daughter story



Book two: 

Name: The Mafia Lovers 

Mafia love story



Book three:

Name: His Fualt

Kidnapped from Tom Riddle story



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