Hestia Etchemendy


Red hair, Green eyes, Halfblood, First year, and Ravenclaw

  • Joined June 2021
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  • 1st Year
  • United States


(First year) When I got my letter I did not believe it! I am a halfblood so I had no clue if I would be coming or not!! When I got here I feel in love with charms and got very good at it. I was nervous when I sat down and the sorting hat was placed on my head. But, then I heard the cheers of the Ravenclaw table and knew that I had to be a Ravenclaw!! I was so happy so I sent my mum an owl. My mum sent me one back but there were two owls she said in the letter that the barn owl was mine so I named her Rowena (after my houses founder). I was so happy!! I can't wait to keep on going with my year and years to come of learning!!

-Hestia Etchemendy-Dumbledore (my Hogwarts name not my real name) 

My full name: Hestia Marigold Etchemendy-Dumbledore


Core: Dragon Heartstring

Wood: Aspen

Length: 14.5 inches

Flexibility: Slightly yielding

Patronus: Unicorn

Why my mum picked Hogwarts:

My dad never was into magic because he's a muggle but my mum want to send me to Hogwarts and she never told me. She said that she wanted me to go because her bff was teaching there but I have no idea who she was talking about. She wanted me to learn something that yes I knew I had but I could not do. She said that no matter Hogwarts teaches me I have already learned it just it could not come through! I think about her saying that every night.

House: Ravenclaw

Pet: Owl Name of pet is Rowena. (named after Rowena Ravenclaw)

Favorite subject: Charms

My goals for when I grow up:

-I want to be a mum

-I want to work at Hogwarts

My mum's maiden name: Lilly Dumbledore

My dad's name: Henry Etchemendy

My sister or brothers name/s:

Sister: Basil Grace Etchemendy-Dumbledore (not at Hogwarts yet but is the next to come)

Sister: Flora Mae Etchemendy-Dumbledore (not at Hogwarts yet)

Sister or Brother: (for boy) Jacob Elliot Etchemendy-Dumbledore (for girl) Iris Lilia Etchemendy-Dumbledore (not born yet nor in Hogwarts yet)

My other pets:

I also have a phoenix like my grandfather Dombledore. You might know her Fawkes Dumbledore's phoenix. I got her for my ninth birthday my mum and grandfather wanted to give me something I would remember forever!! So they gave me Fawkes!! (No I did not bring her to Hogwarts she is still at the house I live in both the Muggle world and the Magical world!!

My sister/s and brother/s pets names:

Basil: Helga (Barn Owl; BTW Basil really wants Hufflepuff that's why)

Flora: Cali (Calico Cat)


I am in love with all animals but love History. Maybe I should study the History of different magical animals!! Now, that would be cool I could learn so much but also being doing two things that I love!! My sisters love animals and plants the most of anything magical that they can study! I am the Grandchild of...


Albus Dumbledore (grandfather) and Mary Graceman (grandmother)


Aurther Etchemendy (grandfather) and Jenny Etchemendy (grandmother)!!

But, of course as you should know on my dad's side they are muggles that just happen to be named Aurther and Jenny. I love riddles!!

Favorite color:


(More will come soon later)






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