Eleanora Adler


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Most people would say my family is like the Malfoy’s of Ravenclaw... and that would be correct. We're widely known fo our intelligence and the huge amount of money we carry. Other than that, my life is pretty simple. I like nature, quidditch, and just hanging out on a sunny day with my friends.


Name: Eleanora Adler 

Age: 11 (12/31/2009) -note that I’m actually 13 but my character is currently 11-

Year: One

House: Ravenclaw 

Zodiac: Capricorn 

Wand: Aspen wood with a unicorn core, 10 3/4" and reasonable supple flexibility

Patronus: Nightjar 

Personality: Determined Worker, Outdoorsy.




Pixie, Grey baby owl



Color: Lavender and Sage

Muggle sport: Volleyball

Muggle music band: "Mother Mother"

Muggle show: "Dickinson"

Muggle movie: "Coraline"

Food: Chocolate Frogs

Drink: Hot Cocoa 

Animal: Cats (sorry Pixie)

Quidditch team: Chudley Cannons 

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