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hello! i am a massive musical fan, love the marauders, hate snape and love reading! she/they

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I was sorted into Hufflepuff almost immediately, almost before that hat even touched my head! When I was younger, I was the kid who made homes for ladybirds and hopped around snails on the ground, so I can't say it was a surprise. My mother, a talented magizoologist, loves animals just as much as I do (though I don't think she was too happy with the number of worms I'd 'save' from the garden) and as a result, we're pretty close. However, she can be a bit... much. She insists on trying to befriend every living creature out there, including the more... out-there ones. Don't try and make friends with a manticore. Would not recommend it (hence the scars). Similarly, don't annoy a pixie so much that it calls all its little friends to give your daughter elf ears (if you were wondering). The wings aren't permanent though (yet. Who knows which magical creature my mother will annoy next.)! 

I love Herbology, Ancient Runes, and History of Magic. I love looking into the past and seeing how different everything was! One thing I can't wrap my head around though is Astronomy. It's a cool subject, and I love space, as a concept, but it requires far too much thinking for me. Still, I'm doing okay in it! After school finishes, I'd love to work with animals or maybe deciphering ancient texts! My dad, he's a muggle, still doesn't quite get the concept of magic and the Wizarding World, and I think he hopes that this is just a phase and I'll settle down and get a desk job at his company one day. 

Being a half-blood isn't as big of a deal now, not like it was in Mum's time. I was born way after Voldemort was defeated, so obviously I don't have to deal with the same stuff they all went through. Saying that though, it would be nice to go on a big adventure like Harry Potter and his friends did, and make a difference in the world... Merlin, that makes me seem like I agree with the guy. I don't, obviously. But...  Okay, no.

I'd say my biggest strength (and weakness in some cases) is how I will always stick up for my friends if they're being mistreated. I don't care who you are, I will come and yell at you if you make fun of someone I love. But sometimes I don't know where to stop. That's my biggest weakness, not knowing how much is too much. It hasn't exactly... done me well in the past. 

The most interesting aspect of magic by far is ancient magic (there's a theme)! You can look at a carved roc from 2000 years ago, and sure it looks cool by itself, but if you take a closer look you can see the thousands of years of magic that have been woven into it. If you look hard enough, you can see the original pieces of magic placed onto it, before we'd made wands, and magic simply came to us more naturally. That's my favourite part of magic.


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