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Hi! I'm happy to rp, however I am in Australia, so don't expect answers straight away if you're in a different time zone!

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The noble house of


Motto: Contendunt esse pura

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I was shunned most of my early life, as rumors swirled around me being involved in a muggle killing. This was pretty much true. My mother had died giving birth to me, and my father gave me away as I reminded him too much of my Mother. My father was from the Sanctificetur family, and I was adopted by Newt Scamander, where I grew up alongside Rolf. Newt was always nice to me, even though I knew there was something 'wrong' with me. I almost became an obscura, and when I was 9, there was an accident where magic burst out of me, killing 2 muggles. When I turned 11, I was sent a letter from Hogwarts, and I stay there most of the time, including over the holidays. I don't need a wand to do magic, and I am filed as a danger to society. I've learned to control my power, but when I get really mad or really sad, sometimes I just explode. I put all of my time into studying, as not many people want to talk to me.


(Thanks to Juniper Castellanos for the website!)

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Parents: Pheonix and Fawn Scamander

Born: Paris, France

Age: 16.

Birthday: 10th July

Bloodstatus: Pureblood

Family ties: My grandfather is the famous Newt Scamander, and my Mother is a direct decendant of Rowena Ravenclaw. My Mother's family is extremely noted in the community, her maiden name is 'Sanctificetur'. I am the final decendant of the Sanctificetur family.

Lives: St Ives, Cornwall


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School: Hogwarts

Hair: Dark brown waves with caramel waves.

Eyes: Turquoise/ blue

Skin: Olive / tanned

Figure: Petite, elegant

Height: 5' 7"

Style: Always neat, clean robes. Hair often down to hide the scar on my neck. Not much makeup.

Scars: One at the back of her neck.


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Pet: A grey Russian Blue kitten named Luna

Wand: Willow, 14 1/2 inches, Flexible.

House: Ravenclaw

Patronus: Hebridean Black (Dragon)

Boggart: An explosion of magic

Favourite class: CoMC or DADA

Favourite spell: Riddukulus / Expecto Patronum

Least favourite classes: Astronmy and HoM

Least favourite spell: Crucio

Favourite color/s: Teal, Sage green, Peach

Personality: Fierce, Confident, Smart, Creative.


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  • Try not to curse

  • No 18+

  • I have way to many active roleplays right now, but if you have an rp idea, I will see what I can do

  • Try to reply ASAP

  • Please don't ghost

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Faceclaim: Mackenzie Foy


Feel free to owl me with a rp idea, and I will try and get back to you as soon as possible!


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