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Currently causing chaos... (Student)

Hey everyone! I'm Scarlett and I'm a fun-loving and friendly Lion. I would love to get to know all of you, so just shoot me an owl if you want to talk or rp! :)

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My Backstory :)

My RP Preferences♡

I'm doing aesthetics! :)

Beatrix made me this awesome aesthetic!!!♡


Abut Me:

-My 16 personalities result: ENFJ(I honestly have no idea how I got this, I'm only loud around my friends and people I know)

-Favorite color: pale pink and aquamarine

-My real hogwarts house: Slythindor

-My birthday/zodiac: June 15/Gemini (Don't hate on me, I'm actually pretty nice and loyal once you get to know me. :) )

-Unpopular opinions: Peanutbutter does not belong with chocolate. Cottoncandy is gross. Cats are little devils whose sole purpose on earth is to make humans miserable. Pineapple on pizza is heaven(trust me, you just have to try it). Birthday cake isn't that great. Showering at night is better than showering in the morning. It's better to feel hot than to feel cold. High school is way too romanticized.


If you got all the way down here, I'm impressed. You must be really obsessed with me. ;) Just kidding. But here's some harry potter-themed music I've been enjoying lately, perfect for studying for irl school or finally doing that HiH homework you've been procrastinating. ;) Consider it me thanking you for reading all the way through my (sometimes drawn-out and boring) profile. :)

***Sorry but I can't not flex on you guys about my house. Go Lions! (there's other versions for the other houses as well)

***This one's just... *chef's kiss*

***Some lofi

***If rain is relaxing to you

***What I imagine a fun night with the Weasley twins would be like ;)  (maybe don't try to do hw while listening to this one)

***Christmas in August?

***For when you just want to take a nap on the Hogwarts express

***Another Christmas-y one, but in the Great Hall

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