You plus me, sadly, can be dangerous

“Oh wait til I do what I hit you with that ddu du ddu du du” ~D4;BLACKPINK

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⚘I’m Myeong but I prefer to go by Mimi. Here’s some basics info:
⚘Name: Myeong (rather not share surname)
⚘Nicknames: Maya (ASK!), Mimi (anyone)
⚘Age: 18
⚘Where I’m from?: I have Korean parents, but I was born in Brazil, and later moved to America
⚘Languages I speak: Spanish, Korean (second main, not fully fluent, however), Enlglish (first main, very fluent), Japanese (beginner), Italian (Ciao Amore, Salvatore ;)), French (still learning) 
⚘Likes: BLACKPINK, animals, clothes
⚘FC: Lisa
비슷한 것 같지 우린 뼛속까지 다름 아이 창피하다가도 멍석 깔면 바름 born skinny bitch
 ~BLACKPINK, Pretty Savage

더 캄캄한 이곳에 shine like the stars 그 미소를 띠며 I'll kiss you goodbye 실컷 비웃어라 꼴좋으니까 이제 너희 하나 둘 셋 ~BLACKPINK, How You Like That

두 손엔 가득한 fat check 궁금하면 해봐 fact check 눈 높인 꼭대기 물 만난 물고기 좀 독해 난 Toxic You 혹해 I'm Foxy ~BLACKPINK, DDU-DU DDU-DU

알아서 매달려 벼랑 끝에 한마디면 또 like 헤벌레 해 그 따뜻한 떨림이 새빨간 설렘이 마치 heaven 같겠지만 You might not get in it ~BLACKPINK, Kill This Love

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