Juno Piautos Fawley


"I always thought it was me against the world and then one day I realized it's just me against me."

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~ Going sleepless isn't a habit, it's a lifestyle ~


Hullo, I'm Juno. You can call me J.P., or Juno, that's fine, too.


I'm described by most as an intimidating, annoying-ass kid who actually probably likes you okay, I just like bugging people, it's kind of my thing.


As annoying as I am, I'm smart, logical, clever, protective, sweetheart, creative, sarcastic, flirty, kinda perfect, and of course, very humble. You could say I have the ambition and slyness of a Slytherin but the brains and uniqueness of a Ravenclaw.


I was raised by Slytherins, the whole lot were Slytherins. Everyone I was told to be like was a Slytherin. Guess who's not? Me. But again, I love bugging people, especially my parents. They deserve it, they aren't the best people. The pureblood shit is dumb, but you know, what is a kid supposed to do?


Name: Juno Piautos "J.P." Fawley

Age: 16-17-18

Birthday: October 17th

Appearance: Pale, one blue eye, one half brown half blue eye, dark, messy hair, glasses(sometimes), school uniform, sweatshirts and sweatpants, tall(probably 6'1, 185cm)

Blood status: Pureblood

Friends: Jamie Williams(roommate and best friend), Hazel Darling(longtime friend)

Pronouns: He/him


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