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Pure Mental Crackheads

Will I remain single forever?

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ʟσᴀᴅιи': ]79%



~don't hurt anyone.....please, i beg you~

→cynthia michael green(to-be-bennett soon)←


↬17/alvin's younger sister

↬often confused with zaara riddle >:/

↬14 sept/virgo


↬engaged to zayd


↬loves nature, animals and magic

↬hates rudeness and hurting people

↬very shy and innocent but still romantic, kind, and she doesn't know it, but she is.... brave


↬real character

!!friends!!: belle, eve, i-don't have any more...T~T

━━━━ ◦ ♡ ◦ ━━━━꧂



~offline and idc about you(not for mahi and ishu)~

→kahaani roy chaudhury←


↬nope/early teen minor

↬30 dec/capricorn

↬lesbian or maybe straight?-i.j.d.k!

↬single >:/


↬loves animals and bts

↬hates backbiters

↬real character

→!!our unicorn trio!!: me(click), mia(click) & aarya(click); you insult my two lovely bitches, you end up in hell and follow them first~

━━━━ ◦ ♡ ◦ ━━━━꧂



~murder? me? are you mad? look at me and see, i am such a good girl! *blink* -AVADA KEDAVRA-that's better~

→zaara bellatrix riddle←


↬get out

↬13 feb/aquarius

↬straight-how will it help you?



↬loves your dead body and murder

↬hates goddamnit couples, babies, flowers, music, kisses, bts, blackpink, mudbloods, muggles-yewwwww!!!!!!!

↬but i am always ready to give you a kiss intoxicated with snake venom


↬happy birthday my love! oh did i forget your gift? here you go: -AVADA KEDAVRA-

━━━━ ◦ ♡ ◦ ━━━━꧂



~try hurting my sister to end up in hell~

→alvin "al" michael green←


↬nope/cynthia's elder brother(ilysm)

↬sexy and protective but ofc loyal to my lord-

↬09 march/pisces

↬idk and idrc/death-eater

↬single ig-


↬loves music(prof: music instructor) and arithmancy

↬hates cheekiness and disrespect

↬real character

!!our weird trio!!: me(click idiots), zaydie(click clack) & kevie(click me)

━━━━ ◦ ♡ ◦ ━━━━꧂



~lives by chance, loves by choice,kills by profession(jk)~

→isabella "belle" johnson←



↬12 october/umm....forgot~

↬bisexual(f lean)/poly and max 2 { 0/2 }

↬crushhhhh but still single :/


↬loves singing and dancing

↬hates crocodiles and divination


!!friends!!: harry, rose, emily, cynthia, draco, luna(bestie), kahaani.

━━━━ ◦ ♡ ◦ ━━━━꧂


✵-Thank You-✵


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