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Backstory: Azalea Logan Edwards was born in a small town out in Minnesota to two lovely muggle parents. Them not knowing what was happening to their daughter and how she could do all these weird and unexpected things tried as best they could to raise her. Fortunatley for the family when Azalea was 9 her father got a job offer in london, so the family packed up their life to try and start fresh. It was then on her 11th birthday when a weight was finally lifted off the families shoulders as there was an actual reason for what their daughter was able to do. 

Azalea was always a loud child, she loved to feel as though people wanted to hear what she had to say. Which was why from a young age her parents had enrolled her in singing and guitar lessons so she had an outlet. She caught on really easily and with a couple years of lessons her parents bought her the first real guitar of her very own; and of course it was an electric guitar.

Another outlet for her is her writing. Azalea has always loved things mystical and magical which she expresses into her writing creating new worlds full of adventure and fun. Though she struggles in trying to complete these daring adventures she swears one day she will complete one and it will be a great success.

Even though she can be loud at times Azalea has always been good at listening to people and helping them get through the situations that life throws at them. She has gone through so many occupations she might want, but one has always stuck with her when she found it out. When she found out that there were healers for the mind as well as the body she was hooked. 

Patronus: Lioness

Blood Status: Muggle-Born

Wand: Vine Wood, a unicorn hair core, 11", with rigid flexibility

Birthday: February 22nd

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