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I was born in Sacremento, where my parents' and my magical abilities where hidden. Because we were surrounded by Muggles, of course. There I lived a happy, happy life. However, my parents died when I was only seven - four years until I became a Hogwarts student. I was then adopted by Mr. George. Four years later I was sorted in Hufflepuff. My dream job is to be a Magizoologist, because I love animals.


I am also a Keeper. NOT the Quidditch kind. A Hogwarts Keeper is a person who keeps HIH turning from a Hogwarts website to a social media website. I am putting it here because this is important. If you want proof there is WAY too many groups about non-Harry Potter stuff, go to Groups and Clubs and see for yourself. If you agree with me we MUST protect this website from being a social media site, go to Groups and Clubs and search "Hogwarts Keepers" and I'm sure you will find the group. It is called Hogwarts Keepers.





Alicia Willow Faith Hope Admire Bella Waller



Female (obviously!)


Dream Job:

A Magizoologist




I'm a loyal Hufflepuff, no matter which way I am. The Sorting Hat had only sat on my head for exactly three seconds before he declared me a Hufflepuff. I found out both my parents and Mr. George were Hufflepuffs, too.



My friends, my House, Mr. George, and the Waller family



Bookish, Smart, Loyal, Cautious, Careful, Compassionate, Creative, Friendly, Chatty, Hufflepuff-some

I meet all of Hufflepuff's needs to be a Hufflepuff, as well as some as Ravenclaw's, although I believe I am NOT logical. I love to read, talk to animals, write, and make friends more than anything. However, even though I usually do not like Slytherins, sometimes I make friends with a Slytherin.


Special Abilities:

Nature Language, Transforming

I can talk to anything that is living nature. I can also transform into different animals, but unlike Animagi (because they can only turn into one animal), because I am a half-Metamorphmagus.


Ilvermorny House:



Secondary House (House I would like to be in if I was not in Hufflepuff):




Hazel, Phoenix Feather, 9 inches, Swift Flexibility

Mr. Ollivander tried just three wands before this very wand chose me.




Maybe this is a non-magical animal... But I still love my Patronus! It took nearly half a year to cast a proper Patronus.


Blood status:


I am a half blood because Mom was part Metamorphmagus, Seer, werewolf, and Animagus. And Dad was part pure-blood and Muggle.



Three tawny owls, five Siamese cats, one champagne ferret, and three Crups.

My owls are Garnet, Yeldah, and Gigi. My cats are A-bounding, Bolie, Cunning, Dewdrop, and Eerie. My ferret is Fiona. My Crups are Gina, Helen, and Iris.

I actually have a special permission to have ferrets and Crups (a wizard-created dog) in the castle, so that's why I have them.



They are too scary... aren't they?



Wind, Rain, Books, Grass

All these stuff = normal, desired day


Mirror of Erised:

To control everybody. Mr. George tells me to do servantry stuff half a day, everyday!

Did you know "Erised" is backwards for "Desire?"


Animagus Form:

Wolf  (I have actually did light reading on Animagi and learned how to become one. Besides, I AM an Animagus.)


Quidditch Position:



Quidditch Team:

Holyhead Harpies


Best Subject:

In my opinion, History of Magic.


Worst Subject:

In my opinion, Herbology.


Favorite Wizarding Candy:

Acid Pops

I just love burning my tongue and repairing it at the same time!


Favorite Wizard Shop:

Eeylops Owl Emporium


Favorite Characters:

Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Harry Potter, Fred Weasley, George Weasley, Mrs. Weasley, Percy Weasley, Ginny Weasley, Mr. Weasley, and Luna Lovegood.


Favorite Harry Potter books:

ARGHHH! I love ALL of them! I just can't choose!


Least Favorite Character:

James Potter

I don't know why. Don't blame me if you love him.


Favorite Magical Creatures:

Phoenixes, Hippogriffs, Abraxans, Nifflers, Dragons


Favorite Spell:

The Patronus Charm (Expecto Patronum)


Favorite Horcrux:

Cup of Hufflepuff


Favorite Hallow:

Invisibility Cloak



Cats, Owls, Animals, Nature, Night Sky, Learning, Harry Potter, Dogs



Romance, Pregnancy, Bullies, Bad Language, Plagiarism





The Sorting HAt said this about me: "Hmm, nice, nice, Hufflepuff with a slightly large hint of Ravenclaw. Oh, a descendant of Hufflepuff! Why didn't I think about this first? HUFFLEPUFF!!!!"



I am a distant relative of Helga Hufflepuff through Father's side, which I am very proud of. After all, I am the current only living descendant of Helga.



When I got to Hogwarts, I was disappointed that Care of Magical Creatures wasn't for first years. But I know that next year I can learn about them! For I am doing light reading know about Care of Magical Creatures.


My favorite Muggle Books are:


Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell, by Chris Colfer

Land of Stories: Queen Red Riding Hood's Guide to Royalty, by Chris Colfer

Land of Stories: Mother Goose Diaries, by Chris Colfer

Land of Stories: The Enchantress Returns, by Chris Colfer

Harry Potter (the whole serie) by JK Rowling

The Chronicles of the Tempus: The Queen Must Die, by K.A.S Quinn

Riding Freedom, by Pam Muñoz Ryan

Anteater Adventure, by Kama Einhorn

The Tale of the Mandarin Ducks, by Katherine Paterson




General Info

Height: Five feet two inches

Weight: 72 LBs

Hair: Reddish Golden-Dark Brown Blonde (A bit like Hermione's, except it is darker there's a hint of golden and red everywhere on my hair)

Eyes: Hazel- Light Brown (The same color as Helga Hufflepuff)

Race: Welsh, British (Just like Helga Hufflepuff)

Age: Twelve (I was born on September 5th, after the deadline so that I can be able to get into Hogwarts. Makes me a bit older than usual first-years.)

Animagus: Wolf





Dogs are not better than cats (which are not better than dogs)

Don't eat Foster Farms Chicken (Muggle company-If you're a Muggle-born you might have eaten those chicken)

Harry Potter is more powerful than Dumbledore (?)

Hedwig should have never died

Don't ever lie

Owls are better than Dobby (but Dobby is better than Kreacher, but Kreacher is better than Voldemort)

Moms are better than dads

Dads will get angry at you

Christmas is the best holiday!

Cleaning up, sweeping, and decorating is the best thing to do (sometimes)



-I have three adopted sisters named Kaylei, Julianna, and Annete, but they're all Muggles.

-I have a pet owl named Gigi that likes to eat paper (I don't know why!)

-Gigi is Yeldah (my other pet owl)'s younger sister

-My favorite pet ferret is J, who is the champagne ferret.

-Abraxans (winged horses) are rather loyal and friendly to me.

-Garnet (Gigi's only brother) only sleeps.

-Albatrosses always perch at my windowsill.

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