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"Some people are so poor, all they have is money."

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Hello! My name is Bethany Lovegood. I am, according to my cousin, Luna Lovegood, nice, but quiet and shy. I am bullied and have basically no friends except Luna, but she usually hangs out with all her other fifth-year friends. I'm pretty sure nobody wants to befriend me (CHARACTER ONLY) because I'm really awkward. 


I'm 11, so I'm a first-year here at Hogwarts. Being the youngest AND being awkward add up to be being defenseless and weird, so I have to be pretty careful. The bullies are pretty much the only people woh acknowledge my existence.


I am a proud Ravenclaw!

Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw, if you're a ready mind, where those of wit and learning will always find their kind.


I have not finished being a first-year, so I do not know my grades in any of my classes, but I sure do know that Herbology is 100% my best subject! I'm struggling a little bit with HoM and DADA, but my grades aren't terrible there. I always take notes in all my classes. I don't really care if anyone thinks that's nerdy, but I take notes on everything the quizzes tell me, and sometimes even details in the lesson that I think might be important, so that when I get to the final, I can look at my notes for help!

Other information:

It wasn't too much of a surprise when I discovered I was a witch, but it was still quite odd. This is because my entire side of the family are Muggles. Muggles, Muggles, Muggles! But the other side is completely opposite: witches and wizards, magical blood all around! That's how I'm Muggle-born, but my cousin, Luna Lovegood, is a witch. My mother never got legally married. She had a boyfriend, so then she had me, but then she broke up with him, and that's why she kept the name Lovegood. And before you ask, they broke up because my aunt told my mom's boyfriend, Mike, that she was a witch, but he didn't believe her (in the Muggle world, believing in magic is considered childish, immature, and weird). He kept on thinking it was a prank, but when she showed him her wand and lit the fireplace with it, he ran away from home because he became scared that maybe my mom could be an evil witch, too (he was wrong, of course).

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