Sara Darlington


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  • Netherlands


Sara Eleonora Darlington. Daughter of two famous legends.

Attending Hogwarts for the first time, the sorting-hat doesn't struggle at all sorting her into the same house as her 2 year older sister, SLYTHERIN. She's a pure-blood. Unlike some other pure-blood families, her family raised her not to discriminate towards muggle-borns or half-bloods. 

She mostly comes off as a typical mean, popular slytherin girl, but she doesn't have bad-blood with anyone, although she prefers being friends with people who are more similair to her, she doesn't mind being friends with people who are a lot different than her.

favorite subject: potions

hobby's: hanging out at hogsmeade, duelling.

personality: competitive, trustworthy, into fashion, tries to keep up with her classes.

sibling(s): Lia Genevieve Darlington




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