What? No roses…?

“What? No roses?” “Holy shit, It does run in the family!” “I love my toys.” “I’ve had it with that shit-eating grin!” “One, EWW! Two, piss off-” “Eh, shit.”

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ᵢₜ’ₛ cₐₗₗₑd ᵥₐcₐₜᵢₒₙ. Yₒᵤ ₛₕₒᵤₗd ₜᵣy ᵢₜ

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Basic Info
~Thalia Lee Danny Blanchester
~Thal (Ask!), Thali (plz ask!), Lia (Anyone), kjære (Cam ONLY!), Cassie (Soph ONLY!), Dumbass (only if we r close friends)
~Dogs, Oranges, People, Books, Starbucks, Music, Cassie Cage, Mortal Kombat
~August 21st
~Part Indian
~Maeleigh, Aadhya, Ivy, Rory
~Fc: Thalia Crawford


Pics  (Coming Soon)
Aadhya and I:

Maeleigh and I:

Ivy and I:

Rory and I:

Soph and I:

Blaire and I:

Just me:

Arancia and I:

Aesthetics Made By Me: (too lazy to add these. Comin soon)
Aesthetics From Friends (too lazy to add these. Coming soon)

Other places to reach me at…
Pinterest: https://pin.it/kBFnWIT https://pin.it/kBFnWIT Gmail: thalia.blanchester@gmail.com


↠If you would like an aesthetic, please go to the following link: Click here to access form
↠post on my wall when you’ve filled it out (DO NOT owl me about it!)
↠If I don’t have it to you within a week, please owl me (DO NOT post on my wall about it)  
↠All I ask is that you credit me 

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