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Born: 5th Feburary

Occupation: Durmstrang Institute of Magic Herbology Professor, give talks to other schools.

Family: Isabella Brown (Triplet), Isaac Brown, (Triplet), Amaia Brown (nee Longbottom) (Mother), George Brown (Father)

Appearnce: Piercing green and blue eyes with loose waves of dark hair


Childhood: Isla Cathy Brown was born on a cold night on the 5th of Feburary, second with her triplets. She advanced early, learning how to walk and talk quickly which made her parents very proud of her. She, Isabella and Isaac were best friends and spend all of their childhood together.

As the grew older, Isla attended a muggle school. Her mother was a witch, a very skilled one (sisters with Alice Longbottom). However, she hoped that magic would become a pleasent surprise for her children - and she was right. However, it was unexpected. Mrs Brown would teach her children how to control magic, without getting a magic wand.

Soon, after such quick developments, Isla and her siblings were pranking teachers and giggling hestericlly when a cupcake would float over the room and smash onto their fathers nose. Soon, she got a letter, carried by a twany owl. It was an invitation to Beauxbatons Academy of Magic!

Isla spoke French fluently, having have studied it most of her childhood was only too eager to start. However, Mrs Brown was worried, that they did not recieve a Hogwarts letter. A few days past and two owls came floating. One with the Hogwarts Crest and the other was Durmstrang (stamped on it). She did not let the children choose whoch school to attend, she firmly insisted on Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. And that's where they went.

Isla's eyes did a double take at Diagon Alley and got her own wand. It was made out of Yew Wood with Dragon Heartsrings.

"Ah, very rare, I see." Ollivander commented, but said no more.


Older Years: Isla sailed past her years with excellent results. She was top student for Herbology and Care for Magical Creatures though she always had a soft spot for Potions and Charms. She approached her O.W.L year determinedly, and had O's for all subjects.

She had plans of travelling the world for exotic creatures but was overjoyed when Durmstrang had written to her, very keen to get Isla as professor for Herbology there. Isla had accepted the post and is now Professor Brown to all her students. She treats all of them with respect and is always happy to give extra help or tutor any students that need her.

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