Quinn Malfoy

My life’s running on Autopilot

"Mess with me it's fine but mess with my twin Draco be prepared to to run for your life from the both of us."-Quinn Malfoy

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Quinn Malfoy








Twin Draco Malfoy




June 5th, 1980




Lucius Malfoy


Narcissa Malfoy




Severus Snape




Bellatrix Lestrange






Alright Now for some more info about me!

For my hobbies,


  • I love reading

  • Writing

  • Studying

  • Rp

  • Playing with animals

  • Teasing my twin Draco(don’t tell him though!)

  • Making new friends!


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I’m Quinn Malfoy, and I’m Draco’s twin brother even though we don’t look the same we sure do act like it slightly as to why I’m placed in Hufflepuff to which my father wasn’t happy about as I know longer became his concern but Draco did care for me as well as mother who was honestly happy that I didn’t get placed into Slytherin as she new I was different I guess, as I was always happy and bubbly as a kid as I am now but less subtle about it and my best friend is Cedric Diggory even though Draco gets mad when I’m not with him a lot as he always wants to protect me from father!



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